Kia show off in Chicago three self-concept of lifestyle


Some in our industry are bored of seeing autonomous cars, they simply promise to sit with us and turn to each other with our seats, screens and windows. Kia feels like we’re suffering and offers to appease these vehicles and harness the power of autonomy to enhance our quest for the most extreme lifestyle. The car maker debuted these custom vehicles for the first time at the 2016 SEMA show but smashed them up in Chicago.

Kia Sorrento ski lift
Do not you hate it when the sweetest slopes are not served by any formal ski infrastructure? Helicopter skiing is too expensive. Well, Kia you have coverage. The slope provided is not too absurd, as long as you climb the track of this ski chalet, let it push your warm and comfortable top. Jump out, grab snowboarders and poles from the roof rack, tighten these boots straps, and then leave. Your pod follows you back down the hill and has the power to stop to help you if you hold on (assuming you can climb yourself or get help from the skier).

Built by LUX Motorwerks, the ski lift replaces the Sorento wheels and is equipped with a range of Dominator rubber tracks that are ubiquitous and are orange in powder coating. The B-pillar on the driver’s side was removed and the backdoor was opened for suicide, providing a huge entrance for the thick skier. Inside, adorned with orange stitching, plumbing and stripe accents. A waterproof Line-X coating on the floor removes any snowmelt on the boot.
Any Triathlon athlete will tell you that training to become a real Iron Man (or woman) can be a daunting and solitary pursuit. Kia tried to promote this training by customizing the new Niro Hybrid not only to meet the needs of the Trinity Athlete but also to provide him or her a relaxing refuge after training.

To do this, LGE-CTS Motorsports craftsmen remove the A-pillar roof from the roof and provide space for customized bike racks, toolboxes and tablet brackets. The bike rack securely holds the felt IA 2 road car for transport or repair. The ONEU Safety Laser Bike lane illuminates the laser LED bike lane behind the car and the tablet displays important information such as speed, time and distance set by Niro. At the end of the training Triathlon climbed onto the human body touching a zero gravity ergonomic chair, rode home, dissected data or watched entertainment on a tablet.

Suspension lowered the 2-inch, 18-inch rally rally wheel is worn by the 265 / 35R18 Dunlop Direzza sports tire. Passenger side B-pillar is removed, the front and back doors open 90 degrees, easy access to the gear box and sun loungers.
Do you know rock school is not just a Broadway musical? No, it’s also a real music school, working in more than 180 locations. There is even a preschool in Jersey City, New Jersey. The idea of ??this concept strongly believes that rock school parents send their children to school or perform on this automatic jam studio weekend. The Rock Sedona School is equipped with everything aspiring musicians can want: sound recording equipment, a cool place, and a complete hands-free way from one show to the next. The steering wheel and dashboard are now a mixing console and two flat-panel monitors to record the track. The loudspeakers are suspended from the ceiling, the soundboard extends along the interior of the van, an impressive array of amplifiers is found in the rear hatch, and there is plenty of room for instrument storage. Band members can rest or jam from comfortable bean bag chairs. The driver’s B-pillar is once again removed to an extra wide opening. We bet any version marketed to parents also includes geo-fences, camera monitors and smoke detectors …


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