Fun with truck and rugby at the Chicago Auto Show


The Chicago Cubs World Series won a brilliant city with a fun car and baseball mix at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show. At the Toyota booth, the tundra carrying a huge trophy was celebrated. In the other corner is a whimsical blend of a Chevrolet pickup and a small house that takes the rear-end concept to a whole new level.

Two years ago, Toyota signed a contract with the Chicago Cubs to become a sponsor of the baseball team. So when the Cubs finally broke the curse last year and won the World Series, Toyota staged a huge stage to show off the tundra.

Just 48 hours after winning the race – the Cubs’ first champion since 1908 – about 5 million people watch the tundra follow the parade route. It was affixed to the sticker to indicate that it was the “official Cubby of the Cubs” and carries a 500-pound trophy behind.

Toyota spokesman Curt McAllister said: “The timing is everything.” We will always be able to break the curse. ”
There is no structural change in the truck. It’s just designing a platform in bed to ensure that huge trophies are in place. The trophy was three and took 45 minutes to assemble.

Instead, insurer State Farm did a lot of structural work for the Chevrolet 3500 to create the final trail vehicle.

It is cut in half, the drive shaft is lengthened by 10 feet and the frame is stiffened. The end result is 32 feet long, 12 feet high and 8 feet wide. It meets the requirements of the Ministry of Transportation, so it is drivable.

Why go for all the trouble? To showcase the capabilities of housing and car insurance, Country Farm has built a truck with a small house in the middle. The one-of-a-kind truck from the National Farm concept garage took about a month to build, worth about 500,000 U.S. dollars.
“Boarding” trucks have comfortable chairs and sofas, a large TV and a fireplace. State Farm tour manager Wayne Rushing said they’ve played NFL games throughout the football season. Now that football has been completed and summer boys once again become popular, trucks have hit the show. When the Chicago Auto Show ends, the Chevrolet Custom Car will travel to the Cleveland Auto Show.


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