Alfa Romeo GIULIA is the 2018 car trend car


Declaring death is necessary. If we want to go the road of autonomy, ask experts, why play behind the wheel? Just log in to your soulless person and select “Stultifying Ambient Tedium” in your Pandora playlist and call out.

At Motor Trend, dear readers, even though morning commuting is more disgusting than slewing, we are not yet ready to give up fighting and more torment than torque. We believe that the traffic through the coastline should not eliminate personality.
Driving long distances, because you can be a deeply rooted American tradition. This is an independent declaration of the industrial revolution. This is the fate of our car. We embraced the corner of the falling radius, the unexpected ups and downs of the path behind the hairpin at the top of the gravel dust.

We resist when the car’s formulaic commercialization is not only expected but also a standard feature. We are not yet ready to move our cars to the status of A-to-B transport anachronisms. We believe in the need for passion and find the craving in your heart. There is still time to instill joy, desire, competition and joy.

For those who will not be content with ubiquitous people, we show the 2018 Car Trend Car of the Year: Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Henry Ford, inventor of a production car, once said: “When I saw Alfa Romeo passing by, I pulled out a hat.

Mr. Ford knew that there was something special about this car with the Cross Snake badge, and Enzo Ferrari proudly began racing before hanging his own rubble.
Our International Commissioner, Angus MacKenzie, a prominent man on the axis of the automotive industry, knows his history of the Alpha. The 1967 GTV Coupe – a symbol of the glory of Alfa Romeo’s glory years in his London garage. As early as the early 60s, Alpha took a place, BMW later built their own fast, attractive cars, trucks and sports cars, looks good, and the price is not expensive, and most importantly, driving up Very pleasant, “he said. “This new Julia recaptures the spirit of Alpha in the 1960s in a thoroughly modern way.”
Alfa Romeo’s unstable heritage in this country may mean that many Americans have limited knowledge of the brand and its heritage. Consider your introduction to Julia.

Road test editor Chris Walton said: “This car has magic.” Giulia fills the void in BMW. However, even at the height of its reign, a 3-series never did so, or both in terms of mental and precision. ”

When looking at the strength of COTY in 2018, some readers may feel that our choice of Alfa Romeo seems beyond the left. At Honda Accord, Kia Stinger and Tesla Model 3 all give a strong drama to the top honors (and to get the first personal vote of our judges).
But Alfa Romeo is winning an award – the first Italian brand to win COTY or the annual imported car we’ve already stopped – and it would not surprise anyone who read Motor Trend for the past year.

Earlier in the year, Giulia’s base beat all riders in the big test of our 2.0-liter compact limousine, including Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz.

The Quadrifoglio version then compared its competitors BMW M3, Cadillac ATS-V and Mercedes C63 S super sedans on the street and on the track in four ways.

The Quadrifoglio (the only sedan) ranked sixth among the best drivers in 11 supercars, sports cars and six-figure drivers.

We continue to drive Giulia every time, and through the summer mature breath, our enthusiasm grows.
As for the elephants in the room: Some readers with long memories recall Alfos, whose temperament and unreliability were the main reasons for leaving the market in 1993. After Alfa Romeo returned to the United States, some early 2017 Geilias had problems with the electronic gremlins. However, during the three Giulias Best Automotive tests that we accelerated this year, we found a glitch of hiccups or hiccups – and several of the other luxury car makers had obvious problems.

Is Giulia perfect? No, but not its competitors. Tetchy brake modulation stops the glider from challenging. Extremely supportive optional sport seats with strong side supports require the presence of the Milan Runway model. Rear foot pit needs some sharp bits. All-wheel drive Q4 version of the season tires a bit greasy. The infotainment screen can use a more complete user experience (Apple CarPlay is the expected scrolling change) and a higher-resolution rearview camera. And for all the elegant interior, the plastic gear shift reminds us of the PlayStation joystick.
But these are secondary. In this year’s competition, our panel judges have a similar mockery of each car. Giulia was the only vehicle that juxtaposed the jury with its fascinating and fanatical driving pleasure. When describing the car, almost every judge spoke the word “love.” Jonny Lieberman, Senior Feature Editor, said: “I would be very happy if I was sitting in this car every day.

William Shakespeare’s “Romeo tells us that his glittering Juliet” teaches the torches to burn brightly. “So we compare you to the beautiful, passionate Alfa Romeo Giulia – your style, the way of the road, pure driving sensuality.

After we tested all the finalists, we examined their properties carefully. Mackenzie points out that even those who would not vote for Giulia: “Look at all the smiles and the car makes you smile.”

The annual car should arouse this strong emotion. For those who feel the journey is as important as the destination, your chariot is waiting.


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