2018 Subaru WRX STI Type RA first drive


In October 2001, before the bursting of the online bubble, there was sufficient cash and I went to Audi dealers to buy S4 Avant. Maybe my Alice donut t-shirt and camouflage shorts, but I can not get the salesperson to look at me, let alone test-drive me. I read a commentary on the sister publication “Jamie” NVH “Kitman, saying that not only was the new Subaru WRX of the 2002 model their annual car, rough and prepared, the wrong eye, Rally-based wrestler performance is similar to the Porsche 911 4S. Perhaps a metaphor for a boxer engine, but this comment reminds me of the dollar I brought to my Subaru dealer. An hour later, I was driving a black WRX wagon (basic price $ 24,520), 20 miles less than the Audi car. It was also a good thing because I was fired a month later and I was never able to maintain S4 for nearly $ 50,000. Life is a fun thing because I only opened the 2018 Subaru WRX STI-RA for $ 49,855. The only question is: is Subie valuable?
What makes the type RA? The first is exclusive. The U.S. market is building 500 units and 75 units are being shipped to Canada. There are 575 cars worldwide, and Canada and the United States are the only countries to receive this award. You can identify which one you own by the number plate above the shifter. They come from blue, white and black, and black is the rarest color. The RA stands for record attempts dating back to the original version of the FIA ??World Speed ??Endurance record that was created in 1989. Over the years, Subaru has been rolling out a limited edition RA model, which is second to JDM lovers worldwide. This 10,000-foot view tells you that RA gets 5 horsepower, lightens a bit, gains a bit of air, and adjusts the suspension slightly. From there I got a hard time proving a $ 10 reason for the price shock of 400 STI keyless entry and Recaro seats ($ 39,455). However, once you zoom in and zoom out, you will see where Subaru has spent money.
Cynics and Subaru foes in the fiery intense one single aspect (see my Instagram feed) are the humble bumps of horsepower recognized. For the first time in 2004, STI fans in the United States encountered a 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with an engine code of EJ257, when the power was 300 horsepower. Subaru collided with 305 horsepower in 2008, the same power that the EJ257 remains today 10 years later. Cobb or any other tuning company will sell you a kit to add a few hundred bucks to 20 horsepower. However, Type RA makes the extra force impressive. First, the ECU is readjusted and has a redesigned cold air inlet. The standard stuff, of course. Subaru has also introduced more robust piston and sodium-filled exhaust valves, which are very serious high-performance kits (sodium valves that handle heat better) commonly found on high-end vehicles.

There is also a new, larger exhaust system that reduces back pressure by 50%. The peak torque output of the EJ257 (290 lb-ft.) Remains unchanged, but more appears in the speed range. However, based on the dynamic PowerPoint slide we showed in the overview, I asked the engineer if the peak torque was actually a little higher. They say yes, but they do not specify a number. They told me they would come back to me, but they never did. I do not know why. Regardless, the type RA is more distorted than the standard STI. Importantly, Subaru can add just 5 extra ponies to an ECU refresh. Instead, they redesigned the necessary parts to increase strength and durability. Tuner rejoice In addition to the engine model, the third gear is 4.5% shorter than 1.590: 1.
Subaru will STI Type RA weight reduced by 68 pounds. This is accomplished by replacing a fixed flat (type RA car owners can further reduce weight, through it and the associated almost useless pump into the trash), replace the spare wheel, add the BBS gold wheel, replace the rear wing with a carbon fiber, and carbon fiber reinforced Tops made of plastic (CFRP) replace steel roofing. You will notice that one of them is different. In fact, this represents a major change in the structure of the car. Subaru believes that the carbon fiber roof not only reduced the overall weight of 8 pounds, but also lower the center of gravity a few millimeters, and harder to help the rear wheel and the road to maintain better contact. Subaru also pointed out that the next cheapest standard CFRP roof car is nearly 20,000 US dollars BMW M3,67,495 US dollars).
But there is however. Three are the Honda Civic R of $ 34,990, the BMW 230i of $ 35,945 and the Camaro SS 1LE of $ 44,995. For pure driving pleasure, BMW and Subaru models are similar. Subaru may be a better athlete, but it’s hard to find Bimmer’s bug in the rear-wheel drive. This is a step back when BMW just got something extra. If you choose BMW with Subaru equipped, the price in Germany may be higher. In spite of this, emblems do not even understand this particular comparison.

Then we have a Honda R-Type, which is the best Honda I’ve ever driven since NSX. True, unethical dealers are charging $ 15,000 We do not want you to be a repeat client, apparently their habit and their (quasi-legal) right. Even if the prices of the two Japanese performance machines are the same, I may go to Honda. I think. We have not done the inevitable type R versus type RA comparison test, so stay tuned. However, if Honda is actually less than 15,000 US dollars, I will definitely choose R-type.

And finally there was the amazing 455-horsepower Camaro SS 1LE, and I could imagine a whole set of cars worth over $ 100,000 and I did not want to exceed Chevrolet’s super bargains. I looked at you, Jaguar F-R. Let’s say that incorporating only 500 cases into the country is an end to this review of Smart Subaru because there is no doubt that 500 U.S. WRX fans will love this car. STI Type RA is a great performance machine, especially at low doses.


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