The driver is not so scared of autonomous cars


It’s not easy to give up car control to a soulless software system, but there seems to be more drivers who are passionate about the idea of ??driving a car. According to a new AAA study, only 63% of U.S. drivers say they will be scared of traveling completely self-driving.

This may not sound impressive, but keep in mind that this number is 78% more worried than the decline of these vehicles in early 2017. In the United States, over 20 million drivers will believe that self-driving cars will benefit them last year.

According to the data, 73% of women dare not drive, and only 52% of men have the same feeling. Millennials are more likely to embrace the technology because only 49% of them fear the cars. A year ago, this figure was 73%.

Cruise AV Autonomous Chevy Bolt cockpit
The baby-boomers have also made great strides in trusting autonomous vehicles. According to AAA statistics, 68% of the people dare not sit in these cars, but 85% more than a year ago. At this time, Generation X is most likely to be afraid of autonomous vehicles (seventy percent).

Many drivers also seem uncomfortable sharing roads with autonomous vehicles. Nearly half (46%) of respondents said they were not safe to drive by themselves and only 13% felt safe. The remaining 37% does not matter, 4% is uncertain.

Greg Brannon, AAA Automotive Engineering and Industrial Relations Director, said at a recent conference: “Education, exposure and experience will help ease consumer fears as we move toward a more automated future.

Although drivers may not trust self-driving cars, they are confident about their driving abilities. About three-quarters of respondents think they are better than average drivers, and among men, the figure jumps to 79%.

Many car manufacturers, including Ford, General Motors, BMW and Hyundai, plan to have highly automated cars on the road in the early 1920s. In the meantime, 51% of drivers said they want semi-automatic driving techniques such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and other vehicle functions.


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