The BMW 8 Series shows the back end in the first trailer


BMW has released the first trailer of the 8 Series coupe. Although the concept debuted last year has given us a good idea of ??what to get from this big double door, this lone shadow image made it the first time we’ve officially seen the 8 Series Big Boss.

Just like this concept, the hips of the 8 Series are clear and favor radical poses. Taillight appears narrow, spread in the back. It’s hard to say whether this concept is capable of producing large vents on the rear bumper, but if they are there, we assume they have been diluted. We can not see the exhaust pipes very clearly, but they look very close to the concept of the exhaust pipe.

BMW said the new 8 Series is currently undergoing test drive at an approximately 2.5-mile high-speed elliptical test ground in Aprilia, Italy. There, the 8 Series suspension system is being adjusted to achieve a flexible and comfortable balance at high speeds – a sign of a truly magnificent traveler.
Klaus Fr?hlich, a board member at the BMW development and research unit, said at the press conference: “The test drive in the toughest conditions shows that our goal is to fulfill our vision for the new BMW 8 Series Coupe.” What has been achieved Vehicle dynamics is absolutely impressive. Our customers and fans can expect a real sports car. ”

The BMW 8 Series coupe will be revealed sometime this year, possibly at the Geneva Motor Show in March.


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