Snooping! Ford Ranger Raptor caught American soil


In 2019 Ford Ranger has just debuted in the US version of Interior at the Detroit Auto Show, although Ford will not recognize off-road Focus Raptor variants at work in North America, which apparently is testing one in the United States now.

The spy shots were taken by readers Mike Leonard and Amanda Boyd, who saw a flatbed west of I-44 between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Camisoles make the pickup stand out, but flared fenders and all-terrain tires make the sight more unusual. However, as a variant of the Raptor, this unique grille is marked by a large “Ford”, like the F-150 Raptor grille. We can see that initially a camouflage covered the grille, but fortunately the wind blew it away.

May be the first Australian bandit raptor to appear in Thailand on February 7. The wheels look the same we saw in the video, such as a stronger fender. But why is Ford testing in the United States? We hope this is because the blue oval is preparing Ranger Raptor for the North American market. We’ve heard that the Australian market is going to get a calibrated 3.2-liter Ranger Raptor for a turbocharged diesel I-5, but the high-output version of the twin-turbocharged 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 sounds a good fit for the US market and the market model . The Australian Ranger Raptor should also receive a 10-speed automatic transmission, a low-end gearbox, a unique off-road suspension system and a 17-inch rim packed in BFGoodrich A / T tires.

We have to wait and see what the Ford Ranger Raptor does in the United States, but these spy shots are a very promising sign for us. Take a look at the exclusive shots in the gallery below.


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