Problems with emissions control software detected


More than two years after news broke that Volkswagen Group diesel engines used software that allowed them to dodge emissions regulations, you would think the scandal would be over and that the German automaker would be able to move on. According to the latest report, however, that’s not quite the case.

Reuters reports that according to the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, the KBA, Germany’s automotive regulator, has ordered Audi to recall 127,000 vehicles. The reason? It found they contain illegal emissions control software. These are not older models, either. They ‘ re newer vehicles that were supposed to meet Euro-6 requirements, the latest emissions standard that Europe uses, the latest emissions standard that Europe uses 6 and V-8 TDI models.

The same Bild am Sonntag report also claims that the KBA told Audi it has until February 2 to develop a plan to update its vehicles’ emissions control software to make sure it can not be modified to violate regulations. Reuters that it’s working closely with the KBA and has spent the last several months looking for emissions irregularities in its current TDI models.

As Audi and the rest of Volkswagen Group continue working to finally put this diesel emissions scandal to rest, it’s also investing heavily in electric vehicle technology that will allow it to meet fuel economy regulations without depending on heavily on diesel. VW has partnered with BMW, Daimler, and Ford to build an EV charging network across Europe, and here in the US, it recently plans to build more than 2,800 charging stations by June 2019. It also plans to introduce quite a few fully electric vehicles over the next few years from the quirky-but-cool ID Buzz to the sporty Porsche Mission E.
The official image of the 2018 Jeep Commander has been made public and looks very much like the Jeep Cloud concept car that was seen in Shanghai last year – in addition to plug-in hybrid kits and UAV technology.

Jeep commander-in-chief will be officially unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year. This stylish seven-seat SUV has a long wheelbase designed for the Chinese market.

Like the Jeep Cloud concept, big jeeps have clear lines, slim lines, headlights, taillights and chrome grilles. But sadly, it does not commit suicide.
It has a large roof rack and a skylight, spanning three-quarter-length tops. From the Jeep Chinese website on the video view, will also provide 4 × 4 version.
However, do not feel too sorry. We can look forward to getting Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer here in the United States by 2020 (the 1991 model).
Under this hood, the commander-in-chief should install an effective 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 234 horsepower or 265 hp, depending on the level of decoration. Both engines are equipped with nine-speed automatic transmission.
The Chinese model is a joint venture of Guangzhou Automobile Group, a partner of FCA, which also produces jeep Cherokees and Renegades for the Chinese market.

The starting price of the 2018 Jeep Commander is about $ 38,000. Check out the 360-degree view of the forthcoming model on Jeep’s Chinese website here.


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