Leaked long before you should see it


In the last year, we’ve heard rumors that Ferrari is developing a focused version of the 488 GTB. There is currently no evidence yet, but although we like to drive a regular 488, the possibility of a lighter, stronger, harder version certainly caught our attention. It is said that this new car called the 488 GTO plans to debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, but it looks like a photo has been leaked.

The Ferrari photo page says it received this image from photographers behind the VerssenSpotting Instagram account, but they did not know who was the original source. Assuming the photo is legal, it’s likely that it was filmed at a private preview leaked last week. In addition, although we can not say with certainty that this is an Upgraded version 488, the teaser movie looks very similar to the one below.

According to the leak, this new “Sports Special Series” will exceed 700 horsepower, making it the most powerful V-8 Ferrari ever produced. To reduce weight as much as possible, it will also use more carbon fiber than previously seen on Ferrari’s road cars. Coupled with improved aerodynamics and track-tuned suspension mixes, there are even rumors that the new car will be faster than the LaFerrari.

As far as the name is concerned, we have heard from the very beginning that the car will be called the 488 GTO. However, according to the Ferrari photo page, even potential buyers who participated in a private preview were not told what to be called. So although there is a good chance irons 488 will be a GTO, we would not be surprised if Ferrari went under a different name.

However, as we have heard, no matter what is ultimately called, the car will be an incredible driver’s car.


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