Current X2 only comes in all-wheel drive


According to a recent Car News report, BMW will add a precursor variant to the X2 lineup later this year. The new models will arrive in a matter of months, and because of the low starting price, the new crossover should be made easier to use. John Kelly, product manager for North American BMW, said the cheaper X2 will be available in the spring, about $ 2,000 less than all-wheel-drive siblings. Currently, BMW X2 starts at $ 39,395 for 2018, including destinations.

Like its sister vehicle, the more practical X1, the X2 was launched with all-wheel drive as standard. This time around, BMW is launching the front-drive model of the X2 sooner than it did when the second-generation X1 arrived. That model gained a front-drive variant a year after it was launched.

Unlike X1, X2 is positioned as sporty. The company told Automotive News that the company expects the brand to become the brand’s profit model and introduce conquests from other carmakers. However, BMW did not disclose the X2 sales forecast. Bernhard Kuhnt, chief executive of North American BMW, predicts that most of the X2 sales will be conquered after an aggressive reception from vehicles and customer groups. Kelly told Automotive News that X2’s advertising campaign will be primarily web-based, with a particular emphasis on social media.

Compared to the X1, X2 is lower and shorter, and has a unique front panel and inverted kidney grille. Other design cues for X2 include the BMW badge on the C-pillar of a car. Under the hood, both cars use a 228-horsepower 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission.


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