Tesla Week: Mode 3 5000 targets per week feasible? report


Can Tesla reach 5,000 Model 3 production goals by the end of March 2018? The report began to flow in.

[The week ending on Sunday, December 17, 2017]

First, let us review what Tesla officially said.

Based on what we now know, we now expect to achieve a weekly productivity of 5,000 Type 3 vehicles by the first quarter of 2018, recognizing that our production growth rate is a step-wise index so we can have a large Go ahead and jump, next. We will provide an update when Q4 production and delivery numbers are announced a few days prior to January.

– Tesla third quarter 2017 update (emphasis added)

“The first few days of January” is not far away. So, before we got these hard data from Tesla, we got this data from CleanTechnica:

There are several claims that Tesla staff members told Tesla customers that Tesla is sending Model 3 configuration invitations at a volume of 5,000.

“Does Tesla Model 3 produce 5,000 cars a week?” CleanTechnica, December 16, 2017

CleanTechnica continues to analyze these claims, thinking what may be accurate and what may not be.

We also have this report by Electrek.

A few days before the Tesla earnings in October and a delay in speeding up Type 3 production capacity, Hota Industrial Mfg, Taiwan’s auto parts maker, Co announced that Tesla has reduced its orders for type 3 components by 40% ($ 5,000 per week)).

Now, the same supplier that makes gears and axles told Taiwanese media that Tesla increased the demand for parts a week to 5,000 units a week this month.

– “On December 14, 2017, Electrek suppliers said that” the Tesla Model 3 product is increased to 5,000 units per week

This is the next report, through an investment bank, to guess the type 3 quarterly production in 2018.

There are also some less positive mode 3 news, including reports on the SEC investigation, as well as news about China’s competitive threats.

The Mercury News (via Probes Reporter) reports that Tesla is under Mode 3 investigation in relation to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and may still be.

TUNABUL A $ 35,000 sedan aimed at the mass market – The 3-for-sale model of his Palo Alto electric car maker included taking $ 1,000 deposits for future delivery. Thousands of Tesla owners have already invested in Model 3.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigation of the company ended in May, did not take any executive

– “Tesla is under federal investigation Model 3, may still be, report said” Mercury News “, December 14, 2017

The reason is: The SEC believes that “a company may be” a material fact for making a false statement of material facts or not disclosing a company’s Type 3 vehicle. ”

“Mercury News” mentioned in the “probe report”, “at least one unsolved SEC detector.”

I asked Tesla for comment, but I have not heard it yet.

The threat from China will henceforth be a topic of constant repetition.

From the Green Car: “Why China Will Defeat the United States in the E-war: Urgency, Regulations.” This publication cites an e-newsletter from Dunne Consulting’s Michael Dunne in Hong Kong (Quoted below by The Wall Street Journal).

“There are two distinct advantages for the U.S. and other global players in the EV market: First, the upward mobility of citizens in big cities in China wants to see the blue sky again; the smoke in metropolitan areas contains” particulate matter, “says Dunn. Secondly, Dunn pointed out that China has the capacity to formulate a “stroke” regulation, “because of its economic concentration and one-party government.”

Then we report from The Wall Street Journal on Sunday. “Fast and Financing: China’s well-funded car startups rival Tesla” (subscription required). In addition to Michael Dunne’s reference, the next phase of the automotive industry is “turning the car into an iPad,” the Wall Street Journal said. “More than a dozen Chinese start-ups want to make dinosaurs that make cars “.

The report goes on to discuss some potential Tesla competitors such as the ES8 (an X-Challenger) sports battery that can be recharged in an hour. The car also has a battery exchange technology, “can be switched within three minutes car battery.” The Journal said that electric car makers raised $ 1 billion last month.


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