Driving: BMW M2, compact coupé performance car


M2 is very interesting. It’s fast and lively with an initial price of about £ 46,000 ($ 62,000), a great way to taste BMW’s memorable M performance car. The weekend car I drove was a two-door M2 sports car powered by a marvelous 3.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine that produced about 365bhp of power.

The M2 is a Mark-based 2-Series compact coupé that has undergone major changes with the M Series engineers to become a fully active car. It also looks sporty with a series of subtle adjustments and additions that separate the mainstream 2-series road car’s M’s. Visually, the M2 is deliberately muscular with a positive front bumper, a large air intake, 19-inch wheels, wide tires and a clear rear wheel filled with four exhaust pipes. Customers can also enhance the look of the car by applying carbon fiber elements and other sports attachments to the bodywork.
My car is full of vibrant Long Beach blue. Often, I do not really like the brightly colored fans, but somehow the duotone metallic tone works on the compact coupe design – creating movement in the sculptures, alluding to the forces that exist below. M2 is a limited color – the blue, metallic black and gray and non-metallic white I drive.

Inside is almost a standard 2 series but features sporty movement – a thick steering wheel, black dakota leather with graphic hugging sport seats with contrasting blue stitching, carbon fiber elements and an “M” logo embellished throughout the cabin. The M2 is a compact sedan, the shape of the two-door coupé making it a little squeezed into and out of the car, but this does not mean as a real transporter. Once inside, the sports seat hugs the body and the driving position is the perfect feature for my car’s six-speed manual gearbox. The M2 is also equipped with an optional dual-pedal DCT transmission.
Driving the car was very attractive, even around London, and I was sad to spend most of the driving weekend. In longer commutes, the company’s sense of ride was not good because the suspension detected the smallest bumps in the road. However, the steering provides the right level of accuracy, short wheelbase means you can change direction quickly, and the solid suspension makes the car agile on curved roads and fast enough to manage in just 4.5 seconds 0-62mph.

For me, this smallest M-Car offers all the major benefits of a compact 2-Series coupe, but with a slightly more muscular look and performance and great driving pleasure.


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