Breathtaking design meets the most driving range in the new Velar


Jaguar Land Rover seems to be on fire now. Just returned from the F-Pace Model of the Year World Car Award, the brand is back. The fourth in the Range Rover series Velar and F-Pace on the same platform is not a secret.

In size, Vera is neatly located between Range Rover Aurora and Range Rover. When taking a brief test drive on the road around Los Angeles, I do not think the new luxury SUV is physically better than a photo. The minimalist styling of the designer Gerry McGovern brings a new look to the new SUV market with a fresh, clean, neat appearance. Vera looks solemn and ultra-modern, with its sleek exterior and subtle angles.

cut back

Land Rover, which makes the Range Rover, calls this new design language “reductionism,” a term that once passed into the car means a much clearer sense.

The simple, stylish level meter incorporates the company’s new Touch Pro Duo infotainment system with impressive graphics resolutions and features that can dramatically improve performance in this area. Its two 10-inch touchscreens are as smart as beautiful. When closed, they are still black surfaces, adding minimal atmosphere, but when open, the panel jumps to a life that shows both HD display and clear image.
Sitting in plush cream leather and surrounded by high-quality materials, the subtle, minimalist ambiance was once calming as it was exhilarating. I can feel the yin and yang moment here. It’s like Zen in line with British aristocracy.

Because of its high buttocks, lower seat and driver-focused accents, your posture in the Velar is lower than any previous Range Rover. And this is one of the few key points in this review, but some drivers are accustomed to the high-end view of the Range Rover, the commanding seating position, at first may feel a bit strange. In addition, if the height exceeds 188 cm, you may feel limited rear seat space, especially in the high-altitude sector.
On the spec sheet, you’ll find 2.0-liter and 3.0-V6, but I have to try the flagship 380-horsepower 3.0-liter V6 supercharged version of the first version. What a powerful engine This Vera works with 8-speed automatic gearbox, without captive, which sounds great. However, when respected, it offers the quietest, most luxurious, most comfortable cabin of any Range Rover.

Easy to move

At 2 tons, Vera weighs but V6 will still sprint to 100 km / h in five and a half seconds. If you’re worried about mileage – and the first version produced about 23mpg, it would be better if you chose a 2.0L 180hp diesel. As expected, the 8-speed is in perfect sync with the big V6, and progress is smooth and fast, even without the floor being laid. But this is the beauty of the engine. You do not need to be difficult.

Equipped with a height-adjustable air suspension, the Velar corner is more like a sport wagon than a sport utility vehicle, making it the most road-oriented model the brand has created. But this is not to say that Vera can not do off-road. because it is. Due to the Rover Terrain Response 2 system, the Velar can be used on any surface. Equipped with low-speed off-road cruise control such as low-traction launch and all-terrain progressive control, the air suspension makes Vera even more flatter than any Range Rover while maintaining leading ride comfort.
On the road and outside the road

By touching an icon on the dashboard, the vehicle’s suspension can be raised to a height of more than 21 cm, allowing Velar to challenge and conquer 60 centimeters of deep streams and streams.

Range Rover here is a serious entry in the highly competitive luxury SUV category. In Japan, it will face-to-face with the BMW X4, the Porsche Macan and the Volvo XC60, but I think it’s a subtle fashion look, a first-class interior atmosphere, a superb ride quality and a delicious combination of engine options that will give buyers an alternative European rivals. The bottom line will be the price. The 2.0L diesel engine starts at 10 million yen ($ 89,200) and the flagship version V6 models at 11.2 million yen ($ 99,900), making it a true competitor.


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