Best New Car Best Lease Deal, Under $ 200 Per Month


It has been reported that the sweetest new car rental deals we have seen in recent years will not be as dynamic as ever. Interest rates are expected to rise, while surplus value will weaken in the coming months, making car rental itself more expensive.

Nevertheless, we found that the reduced-price rental offered by carmakers this month at the factory’s fresh 2018 models is not enough to help launch this year’s strong performance. But, as consumers already know, low prices do not always mean the best deals. To this end, we’ve screened this month’s most popular rental portfolio and integrated it with the list of new cars and SUVs this year recommended in consumer reports to assess their overall performance, reliability, consumer satisfaction, and other factors.

So we included 13 slides showing 13 cars and SUVs that could be safely considered as the best rides on the road for less than $ 200 a month before the end of January. We further include the overall score for each model of CR.

Unless otherwise stated, these deals apply to the base model for 2018; payment does not include options, taxes, permits or other fees. Leasing transactions often vary by region, so check the car manufacturer’s website and enter your zip code to find local promotions that may be applicable. Note that the best ad rental deals are usually limited to the one with the highest credit score. People below the original rating will be charged a higher monthly payment and / or down payment. Dealer participation may be different

And, like any new car deal, almost all aspects of leasing are open and begin at the car or truck transaction price. View prices on the Internet before visiting distributors and negotiate prices before entering into a rental contract with a so-called Dealer Invoice – which is usually a few percentage points higher than the actual cost of the distributor. Lower transaction prices usually lower monthly payments.


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