Volkswagen shows 2019 Jetta as the answer to the diesel scandal


Herbert Deiss, chairman of Volkswagen AG, today expressed confidence in North American International Auto Show saying the company’s diesel scandal lags behind German carmakers and is ready to resume growth plans in North America.

Deiss Opens a Newly Designed Volkswagen Jetta at the Automotive Capital in the United States, Most Sold by the Company in the United States “We disappoint a lot of people … but we’re trying to make up for that.” Deiss is referring to that The company was found to have forged the diesel engine emissions test the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s diesel scandal. The scandal has caused the work of the former chief executive officer and several chief executives, which have so far lost more than $ 16 billion.

Deiss said: “I can not rest until we position the public as the most trusted brand.”

Despite a lack of publicity worldwide last year and the stagnation of diesel sales in the United States, Volkswagen still increased its business by 5.2% while the industry as a whole experienced a 1.8% decline. Sales have been greatly enhanced by the sale of the new Tiguan SUV, which is larger and longer than the previous model in the United States and features the new Atlas SUV.

Most believe Volkswagen fans who are directly affected by the diesel scandal have shaken the news, though Volkswagen has given its customers extra incentives to trade old diesel for new Volkswagen vehicles and has been aggressive in marketing and sales Incentives for the public owners and new customers are not affected.

The company also doubled the warranty range to six years and 72,000 miles.

That said, it was Voltawagen that promised to sell 800,000 Volkswagen sales a year in North America, precisely during Jetta’s upcoming 2010 launch. This goal has come to the side (the company sold about 340,000 units in 2017)
Deiss, who is not the company’s North American leader, is now talking about tough sales targets. Almost the same as his predecessor, seven years ago, Dess said his goal is to generally break the Volkswagen brand as a niche brand and compete among major brands such as Honda, Toyota and Nissan.

The new Jetta is an important part of this goal and strategy. Slightly larger, with well-designed lines on the sides and the hood, the starting price of the Jetta at $ 18.545 is actually lower than the starting price of today’s Jetta. The new model will be on sale in the second quarter.

Equipped with all the latest security features – Lane Keeping System, Pedestrian Avoidance System, LED Headlights and Taillights, and Digital Cockpit and Smartphone Connection for Apple and Android – Jetta Could Only Be Already Sent in Sedan , While Volkswagen does not yet have a compact cross-border equipment to supply it. Golf hatchback and Golf All-Trac is not a crossover model, sales are not satisfactory.

The new Jetta is built on the company’s MQB platform, which is now the bulk of Volkswagen’s support. The standard engine is a 1.4-liter turbo direct injection four-cylinder engine that produces 147 hp and 184 ft-lb of torque. There is an 8-speed automatic transmission, but also a manual transmission.

Jetta, and the popular new Passat Sedan, which received a pretty new GT version this spring, are all new. But to reach that figure, the continued success of the Tiguan and Atlas crossovers will allow Volkswagen to sell more than $ 400,000 this year. This will require a new small cross-border deal that has not yet reached 500,000.


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