The world’s most popular car in 2017: cars are still rules, but SUVs are strong

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Ask an American what type of car they like, most say “SUV” or “cross”. There are also more and more situations in different parts of the world. With more fuel-efficient engines and a lot of flexibility, utility vehicles are rapidly becoming the most popular domestic sedan in the world.

Global SUV sales in 2017 increased 12% over the overall industry, an increase of 3%. According to LMC Automotive, an industry consulting firm, sales of conventional passenger cars fell 2% from a year earlier. That trend has been around for some time: SUVs have risen 87% and car sales have fallen 8% since 2013, LMC said.

The shift in the market is clear, but at least for now, small economy cars still outperform SUVs worldwide.

In fact, the world’s most popular car is Toyota Corolla, which has sold more than 43 million vehicles worldwide since 1966. It has 16 plants built around the world, including the Toyota plant in Mississippi and Canada. According to LMC, Toyota sold 1,160,495 efficient and reliable small cars in 2017, easily defeating Honda Civic and Volkswagen Golf, ranking second and third, with sales of 833,017 units and 788,044 units respectively.

But it is worth noting that the Toyota RAV4 SUV almost broke into the top three, the global sales of 786,580 units. The other two SUVs, the Honda CR-V and the Ford Escape, also entered the top ten. Ford’s F-Series pickup also tops the list, thanks largely to their popularity in North America.
Jeff Schuster, senior vice president of worldwide forecasting at LMC, said: “Globally, small cars will still win the market because they dominate many markets, but the growth of SUVs is a global trend.” When we did this in 2013 When the top 20 SUV only four. In 2017, this number increased to seven and we see continued growth. ”

Other top 20 SUVs include Nissan Qashqa (No. 12), Hyundai Tucson (No. 16), Volkswagen Tiguan (No. 17) and China Great Wall Haval H6 (No. 20).


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