Forget speculation self-driving: At the Detroit auto show, this is all about pickups


The dawn of self-driving may be the focus of last week’s CES tech event in Las Vegas, but this week in Detroit all this is true of trucks that Americans buy today, and these trucks have been made available for tomorrow’s innovations Funds profit.

Americans like their pick-up trucks, truck leaders are giving them a lot of spit on January 20 to the public this year’s North American International Auto Show. Chevrolet has a new Silverado pickup, Fiat Chrysler has a new Ram 1500, and Ford brings its midsize Ranger pickup back to North America.

It is rare for Detroit’s car giants to also have significant truck releases, which means there’s a lot of bluff in this week’s news preview.

The new Silverado, to be launched later this year, says GM is rolling out pick-up trucks that it might build 10 years ago. However, following the bankruptcy in 2009, General Motors was unable to afford the huge investment and decided to abandon the complete overhaul of bread and butter cars. Instead, it set a new front-end on existing trucks. However, GM paid the price and lost its market share as a competitor such as Ford, which repaired its best-selling F-Series pickup in 2015 with a new aluminum body.

GM is back now. The new Silverado has eight decorating levels, with a more aggressive design and higher efficiency thanks to the clever use of lighter weight materials (not all-aluminum) and upgraded powertrains such as dynamic flash fire that can be switched off to Seven cylinders on the V8 engine. GM executives are keen to point out that Silvretos’ s cargo bed is still made of steel, unlike Ford’s aluminum beds, which GM stabs in a series of controversial commercials.

“Every pickup ends up being a bed,” GM’s Mark Reuss, executive vice president of global product development, told reporters, “It’s like a good hammer, and it’s the ultimate goal of any work.” I Do not think we will do a lot of work with aluminum hammer, “Royce said, unable to resist the excavation of competitors again.It is noteworthy that, although the Silverado frame chassis is made of steel, but the truck’s hood, doors And the tailgate are made of aluminum.

In the new Silverado, the new 3.0-liter V-6 diesel engine is one of six power systems and Reuss did not specify, which will outperform Ford’s recently announced 30-mpg diesel in the F-150.
However, Chevrolet and Ford are not the only full-size trucks. The FCA Ram has also been a major renovations, a more stylish, more modern look and improved performance, including 12,750 pounds of towing capacity and 2,300 pounds of payload.

As Forbes contributor Sam Abuelsamid points out, the real big news is the addition of a 48V mild hybrid system as standard on the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 and the 5.7-liter HEMI V8. Ram also adds features such as active grille shutters, air dam and air suspension to improve aerodynamic efficiency and efficiency.

Other outstanding features include its huge 12-inch touch screen and huge central console, with 12 different storage configurations. FCA said that Ram also brings “the most powerful audio system ever” – a Harman Kardon sound system with 19 premium speakers, 900 watt surround amplifier, 10-inch subwoofer and active noise cancellation.

Obviously, trucks are not just for work. More and more truck buyers want their vehicles to be equipped with the same advanced features and technology as high-end luxury cars. Manufacturers are happy to increase their luxury brands by rising prices. For example, the average price for a Ford F-Series pick-up truck was $ 47,800 per truck, up $ 3,400 from a year earlier. A top-of-the-range F-450 limited model, with each option, is just shy of $ 100,000.

According to a recent CarGurus survey, picking up owners is a loyal group, with 29% saying they will not switch brands as prices soar. But some owners are more price-sensitive than other owners. The same survey found that 42% of truck owners swap hands if the price goes up by $ 5,000.

As full-size pickups have risen in price, the market price of mid-size trucks has risen. GM has proven that Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickup sold 145,102 vehicles in 2017 and the demand for minivans has not yet been developed. Toyota Tacoma remains the market leader with 198,125 vehicles sold.

Ford initially dismissed GM’s strategy but is now trying to catch up with the adventurous side of bringing the ranger back to North America as a suitable truck for young urban residents.
Hau Thai-Tang, executive vice president for Ford’s product development and sourcing, said: “Ranger has always had a spot in the hearts of truck lovers and the new Ranger is designed for today’s midsize truck buyers and offers more practicality over the weekend The ability and skills of people living in cities combined with more off-grid adventure. ”

The FX4 off-road kit even includes a new technology called Trail Control that works like the cruise control on the highway but is designed for low-speed, rugged terrain. It takes acceleration and braking off-road, so the driver only needs to focus on steering.

The emphasis on new trucks at the show reminds people that bread and butter models like pickup trucks can still dominate the industry and create profits that allow companies to invest in far-reaching technologies like self-driving.


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