Infiniti Q concept to redefine the brand


2018 is Infiniti’s year, aiming to restart its brand image and stimulate sales growth, displaying new design themes at the Detroit Auto Show today.
The concept of Q Inspiration is intended to give a new perspective on the appearance of the Nissan brand’s future vehicles.

In the short term, Infiniti hopes to bring a stronger competitive edge to this brand in this booming market.

As for Q’s concept, the design of the sedan has an elongated profile that Infiniti says is the first time a brand new form of language has been seen. According to Karim Habib, Infiniti’s executive design director, the concept is designed to evolve the traditional sedan architecture into a small electric powertrain. Prior to this phase, the Q concept will lead to mid-size luxury sedans using Infiniti’s new variable compression engine.
Habib said: “Q-type appearance is more smooth, posture muscular, unusually long and balanced cabin.” Shorter hood and elongated body, all the benefits of interior comfort and space, this layout needs.

Since Infiniti’s listing in the United States in 1989, the brand has been struggling with buyers and has lagged behind Lexus, Toyota’s senior unit. But Christian Meunier, Infiniti’s recently appointed vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, plans to change that.
Meunier said: “When you’re in this situation, you need to see what you have, not what you do not have.” Meunier said his careers include the time on Mercedes-Benz. “We have a Nissan company that sells 10 million cars in the league so we have tremendous resources, innovation, engineering, people and everything. It’s our capital, which we can use, but we have not done enough The means to use it.When you think of Audi, all they do is take advantage of Volkswagen.

“Infiniti needs to find its way, but it can take a long time, Infiniti should not feel bad for a part of Nissan and I think Lexus is proud to be a part of Toyota.

“Does this mean that we should have the same customer experience as Nissan? No, brands must be completely separated.”


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