The Detroit auto show opens for the first time.


The Detroit auto show opens for the first time.

On the first day of the north American international auto show in Detroit, the new car conference and some grand prix,

Honda’s new civic Coupe and Volvo XC90 SUV were named as the 2016 north American car and the annual north American truck by NAIAS.

In this year’s auto show, have announced or are new cars of Honda, the new long-awaited Chevrolet bolt all-electric cars, hydrogen fuel cell concept of audi cars and kia new crossovers.

Honda has won the Civic name award and the 2017 Ridgeline debut. Mid-sized trucks that are not in circulation for two years will return this fall as a more standard design.

With a 3.5 -liter V6 engine four door pickup will mark the Honda to return to the vibrant and growing medium truck market in the United States, and Chevrolet Colorado and GMC canyon, Toyota tacoma and nissan Frontier of competition.

In other truck news, nissan said it would add another generation to its growing production line. The warrior is a concept car that can join other animals at Titan zoo. If so, that would be the biggest one – carrying a 5 litres of 8 cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, and provides the nissan’s so-called “has the incomparable, very aggressive style of movement of the new limit, the cross-country adventure intent” of the concept.

Volvo XC90 is the winner of the first seven plug-in hybrid suvs in the auto industry. The car was the first to enter the market after the Swedish company changed ownership. Ford motor Co. is under Chinese control after it sold it to geely, a Chinese carmaker, in 2010.

Chevrolet program in 2017 launched 2017 of usain Bolt won many auto focus (Bolt), all electric 5 car plan for $30000, after the federal rebate on a single charge can travel 200 miles.

Chevrolet showed off the battery and power transmission lines at the show, which opened on Jan. 24, and showed new details of its capabilities. At present, the company says the adult version of the Volt will be powered by an engine, the power of the engine for 200 horsepower, torque to 266 lb-ft, a top speed of 91 miles per hour, zero speed than seven seconds to 60 miles.

About a third of the luxury remote electric Tesla Model S, Tesla Model S) is the only electric vehicles on the market, the mileage will be close to 300 miles, Bolt will enter a nissan Leaf, mass eGolf, kia Soul EV, ford focus electric, BMW i3 and Mercedes B electric vehicles.

Stodgy Buick announced that it would add made in China Envision to one type of SUV series, but with 400 horsepower, rear wheel drive, 2 + 2 coupe (Avista) as the representative of ambitious concept sports car received much more attention.

Infiniti also has a 400-horsepower coupe at the show, but it’s not a concept. The updated Q60 sports car will be the product of 2017 and will provide multiple engine options. The top of the Q60 line will be driven by a two-turbine V6 power plant.

BMW emerged from record sales with the new M2 sports car and the X4 M40i SUV.

Audi closed its h-tron, a concept car that USES a hydrogen fuel-cell transmission system. Audi said at the show that the stylish SUV could travel 372 miles on one tank and be able to run from zero to 62 miles per hour in seven seconds.

Kia, which has already achieved some success in the United States, its soul and the more solemn sorento, has opened a new crossover concept to offer premium SUV markets. The unnamed vehicle, which has a larger body, appears to have what is known as a “suicide gate” – an open door to front and rear doors that is rare in the automotive design world.


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