Design: 2019 bentley continental GT.


Design: 2019 bentley continental GT.

Cattle bentley’s website, the news of his release, said: “the long wheelbase and short nose borrow the car dynamic feeling, even in the stationary state observation,” if you believe that you are a great deal more gullible than you should. This will be a long time before the long hood and the tight passenger cabin are no longer the most suitable front engine performance car appearance. Look at the last Packard v-12 roadster in 1939, and you know it’s powerful and fast, and you don’t need a crass chrome badge on its side to tell you how many cylinders you have under the hood.

In addition to the unconvincing exaggeration of the writer, this is a very attractive little coupe. Or at least it seems to be, because there is no bentley continental in any German time. They are big car, or even Volkswagen (Volkswagen AG) to take over the most powerful cars, for four passengers of ride comfort and style, this is an impressive fast, efficient means of transportation. But because of the rude front end of the new continental continent and the huge 22-inch wheels, you will feel a compact, compact coupe – more porsche than packard. Which one, when you think about it, is not a bad thing. Both of these p-cars are worth following, and Bentley’s local history is good enough for anything that the company can do today, whether or not it meets our preconceived notions of proportion.

I found quite wide (relative to all the more delicate accessories on the car), the side of the chromium alloy belt was inappropriate and poorly executed, off the origin. But this is the only part of the conflict between modelling and bentley’s low-key quality. Cricklewood cars in the 1990 s Vanden Plas body to the first Rolls-Royce, bentley car body, there is always some retained in the shape of objects, as well as with Walter Owen, the details of the name of the car. I am especially pleased that every important modeling and offline side has a subtle undercutting. It works well anywhere, but is particularly effective on the rear fender.

Internal work is a great advantage for Bentley’s design today. In modern times, every piece of wood, leather, metal and plastic is perfectly executed. Bentley’s volume was many times higher than it was when the sun never set. It is not surprising, therefore, that buyers outside the wet land may want to see bright orange paint on their Bentaygas and Flying colors. Each model can be customized according to the specific requirements of the buyers, which means that every potential of bentley owners can safely get personal satisfaction, and there is no doubt startling performance and reputation. Even if they don’t look as fast as they see when they pause.

1. Precise manufacturing capability requires a lot of confidence to locate the gas cap door to cut complex surfaces. Work is very good

2. Place the traditional small external light on the front of the fender to generate a contour line, and the model of the “Olga” of the “r-type” European prototype in 1951 is perfectly reviewed.

3. A complex internal light bulb creates an internal bulge that disappears within a short distance, and again is a sensitive, deferent form of bentley calling.

The peak of the middle line of the engine cover from the “concise english-chinese dictionary” is slightly more prominent than the aesthetic requirement. A flatter line would be better.

The tradition of the 1920’s, the modern, the evocations of racing cars – the grille was everything in the 21st century bentley, including the middle pole.

If there’s anything wrong with the front end, it’s these angled arms that look more like home in Italian supercars than in history.

Big corner openings aren’t philosophically appropriate, but you want to know their size.

Another almost subliminal indicator on the mainland is its doorknob, which is too low on the side of a small coupe and is right for the person.

9. The bottom of the car sill is slightly lower than the rear wheel, making the increased chrome plating and wedge recommendations more uncoordinated. 1. The most interesting aspect of the body surface of the mainland is the indentation of the offline side of each model, the most obvious is the rear fender outline.

The mirror is huge, making the ensemble look like a small, flexible coupe. This is not the case. It was a very large car, very fast, but not like a lotus.

The relatively short bonnet also makes the car look smaller in the photo, which appears to be twice as large as the recent Mercedes – maybach bonnet.

The interesting thing about wheel design is that the bright rim is discontinuous. Each of the five parts starts at the blunt end without touching the rim.

5. After surrounding the center, the bright strip becomes part of the edge, which is gradually narrowed down to this sharp point before the next segment.

There should be symmetrical opposite wheels on both sides of the car, but no. The tightest bending of each spokes should point forward rather than on the right side of the car. The driver wins here.

7. The huge open area of the 22-inch hub provides a huge view of the huge brake disc.

Germany’s owners are not familiar with the British tradition of understatement, according to the sumptuous, cylindrical counting of the “concise english-chinese dictionary”. Too bad.

9. The rear flat surface of the v-shaped chrome strip is curled to pass the flat flange around the opening of the wheel.

10. Obtained from the outer end of the exhaust outlet. This crisp line is understandable.

11. The parallel lines above the clip are not from other features. Camera lens distortion, of course. But these mirrors are really big. It’s good for security, but not for scale.

2. The small separator allows the main door glass to go down. The r-type already has the same constraints.

3. Bentley is here to see a legal access to the Rolls-Royce’s air-conditioned socket. Please note how elegant the chrome plating at the bottom of the wood is with the alignment of the exit rib.

4. In this era, it is almost a novel thing, the steering wheel is simple round, no hump, bump or surface material change. On the other hand, the center must be off center. But it looks good. It looks good.

The use of wood is cautious and quite popular.

In the era of the giant tesla tablet, the GPS screen looks like the face of a transplanted smartphone.

7. Organ stop A/C flow control is another Rolls-Royce idea.

These pillars, from the modern chinese-english comprehensive dictionary, are too much to hold back too much. Bentley should be able to design something powerful but not so wide.

The central console seems to be a bit too traditional and chaotic.

The “chairman MAO” diamond quilting was unpleasant and seemed cheap to me, although I knew there was a lot of technical work to do with seat covers and door panels.

The cover of these round speakers may be less obtuse, but perhaps the metal presentation is considered more exclusive.

This small control panel looks like a mistake. It hangs below the rest of the decoration and is gracefully smooth on the passenger side of the cockpit.


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