The most injured cars and trucks were collapsing


In spite of the recession in the years after, vehicle collision accident mortality rose steadily, more cars, especially the truck on the road, but today’s models did not occupy a position in the history of security features. At present, 10 airbags are installed in the driving room of the new car to maximize the safety of the crew. More and more cars and trucks are now providing advanced security systems that can help drivers avoid collisions.
However, in all the traffic on the highway itself before driving, car will still be collision, some due to weather conditions, others are due to mechanical problems, but largely because the driver’s mistake. Although all vehicles need to satisfy a set of complex federal safety standards, and most of the vehicles in the crash test achieved good results, but due to the highway loss data institute (HLDI), insurance loss statistics shows some vehicles substantially better than the other vehicles to protect occupant in a crash.
According to the assembly model in 2014-2016 data, medical accident happened payment claim frequency generally follow the accepted wisdom, which means that the damage claim tend to be the smallest and lightest most frequently in the car. The laws of physics dictate that larger and heavier vehicles themselves provide better protection for passengers in collisions, rather than smaller and lighter ones, in the same circumstances.

The relative claims frequency of the four-door mini-sedan is the highest among all models, with the score of 215, which is more than twice the industry average of 100 points, according to HLDI. Minicars scored only 174 points, 146 small four-door cars and 138 midsize cars. A very large pickup truck came in at a minimum of 45 points, followed by a large luxury SUV 55.
For specific models, sports cars typically drive less miles, with only one passenger at most times, and thus seven of the top 10 in the top 10 for the lowest personal injury claims. The top five include porsche 911, Chevrolet corvette Z06 (30), porsche Boxster (31), mercedes-benz e-class (33) and mercedes-benz SL (38).
The vehicles with the most frequently damaging claims are made up of some of the smallest cars on the road, and are the ones that are often chosen by young drivers or selected by a modestly priced sticker. The most serious culprit here is the compact mitsubishi lancer, whose claim rate is as high as 216. We are in this area, according to the model of 2014-2016, in the corresponding slides, there are 10 of the worst offenders.
On the other hand, the severity and overall loss of the relative claim tend to increase with the increase of vehicle size, but it is not unified. HLDI said this could reflect the possibility of a rise in passenger Numbers, increasing the likelihood that a large vehicle crew could be injured. Small luxury cars have the lowest relative claims at age 81, while the top odds for small sports cars are 161 (again, on average, 100).


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