Look for five key figures in tesla’s preliminary December announcement


Tesla is expected to report its preliminary quarterly results today or tomorrow. While the s-type and x-type sales and production should have a typical number, the wildcard will be the three models announced in November and related to the new semi-truck and convertible sports car.
Model S and X should not provide any surprises
Tesla said in its quarterly results in September that it had already received a record number of new orders for S and X, which would be “a record of delivering these vehicles for the fourth quarter”. The S and X delivered the most in September, reaching 25,915 vehicles. Shipments were 27,008 in December,
The production of model 3 is the key figure
This is probably the most important number in the announcement. After the September quarter, only 260 more than expected, with a target of 5,000 per week by late March 2018, another disappointment should hurt stocks. On the other hand, if output is growing well, and the march target will not show signs of positive stock prices.
Tesla says some of its production lines “are producing in a short time, producing more than 1,000 units per week.” Other production lines, such as battery assembly, body welding and final vehicle assembly, have demonstrated the explosive construction of about 500 units a week and are rapidly increasing. “Because of these outbreaks and only part of the production process, I believe that the production of this quarter will be in the range of 2,000 to 5,000.

The importance of model 3 delivery is less important because a week or two of production losses can result in a larger difference in sales. When you combine this with a holiday investor, you should look at this number.
How many pre-orders are there for the semi-truck
Several companies, including PepsiCo, UPS and wal-mart, have already pulled in half a truckload of tesla. Although only a few hundred have publicly announced that InsideEVs may have some information, more than 1,000 have been ordered. The screen shot of Elemental Landscapes shows the reservation number E0000001230, so if they are listed in order, they indicate that the pre-order is smooth.
The square is selling for $200,000 in the early stages of the truck, and $20,000 in the early stages. If the majority of pre-orders are aimed at the positive model, then the cash position of tesla is very helpful.
How many pre-orders are there for Roadster
The other thing that was released in November was the newer sports car. Tesla offers a $1, 000 square series of $250,000 (prepaid), with the rest prepaid for $50,000. If the founder series has sold $250 million in interest-free loans.
How much cash did it raise in advance
Tesla may have raised more than $500 million in advance payments from its semi-truck and updated the Roadster. As the company’s cash burn is an important investor issue, the information provided may be positive.


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