2018 global auto sales collection momentum, new technology interrupt lurk


Global car sales will gain momentum in 2018, thanks largely to emerging markets, particularly Russia’s recovery.
Next year’s sales will have a special meaning, as it deals with the first sign of an industry disruption to electrification, autonomous driving and new liquidity ideas. Leadership may shift from west to east.
China’s phenomenal growth will slow, Japan will accelerate, and the United States, Mexico and Canada are negotiating the north American free trade agreement, and everyone will be nervous. Any problem here could have a snowball effect on world car trade.
Global car sales will grow 3.6 percent in 2018, up from 3.3 percent in 2017, according to BMI Research. Last year was a record year for global car sales. According to Macquarie Bank, 88.5 million vehicles and light vehicles were sold in 2016, up 4 percent from the same period last year.

“Emerging markets will contribute most of the growth, while sales in many major developed countries will slow or even contract,” BMI Research said in a report.
Growth in Europe is expected to slow in 2018, while sales in the us may fall slightly next year. In 2016, sales in Europe reached 17 million and the United States was close to 17.6 million.
CAR sales at Germany’s duisburg-essen university expect global CAR sales to rise 2.2 per cent next year, but that will mask better progress for local manufacturers.
“Once again, high-end German manufacturers are developing more strongly than world markets. According to our estimates, audi, BMW, Mercedes and porsche will grow 4.5 percent worldwide in sales in 2018, while the global passenger car market will grow just 2.2 percent.


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