The public will build six million cars this year


Volkswagen has spent much of the past two years on the news because of the diesel emissions scandal. But while the cost of fixing the scandal is high, German carmakers have not had much of an impact in the sales department. Vw said it expects to build 6m cars this year.
Last year, Volkswagen launched several new models, including Atlas, Arteon, t-roc. But its strong sales have been driven by the likes of jetta, golf, passat and polo, and one of the Chinese market cars, santana, according to the company.

“Within 12 months production of more than 6 million cars – first performance is: constantly improve the production capacity of our factory and employees, we have a first-class production team, able to successfully meet the customers’ growing demand.” Thomas Ulbrich, head of production and logistics for Volkswagen, said in a statement.
In November, Volkswagen’s best-selling model in the U.S. was jetta, which sold 108,575 vehicles. By comparison, vw sold 64,449 golf and 57,707 passat at the same time. Interestingly, a dealer somewhere in the United States has sold an Eos since July 2015.
In the past 72 years, it has produced more than 150 million cars, according to Volkswagen. At present, there are at least 60 models produced in 50 factories in 14 countries.


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