Annual review: car winners and losers in 2017


Saudi Arabia, the only country in the world that does not allow women to drive, announced last fall that it would lift its ban on women. In an effort to show solidarity, the country’s 195 countries are still on the road in droves. A resourceful in east Jerusalem, Ohio eight year old children, their parents to sleep, put his 4-year-old sister in the van, then drive to eat McDonald’s cheeseburger and McDonald’s. The witness reported that he was in compliance with all the traffic laws. He has learned to drive by watching YouTube’s video, which will replace the bankrupt Skip Barber Racing School as the preferred way to train new employees.
In Australia, which is bigger than Ohio, a 12-year-old was pulled back 800 miles away. In eastern New Zealand, another boy was found driving a car with a goat. Inspired by goats, a bear in roanoke county, va., found a Honda driver parked in the driveway and closed the door behind him. Then, realizing that he had no keychain in his pocket, and a lack of the digital literacy required to handle the handles, the bear honked the horn until the Honda owner came out to rescue him. Questioning the 16th-century bone fragments he used as toothpicks, the bear replied, “the wrong roanoke. That’s in north Carolina. ”
Loser: middle step
A passer-by in Santa Clarita, calif., called the police to report a kidnapping after seeing someone they didn’t know doing something they didn’t understand. Before the police arrived and detained the suspect, it was decided that the “kidnapper” was in fact only helping a child enter the third row of seats in the tesla model S. “We are not experts at tesla,” the lieutenant of the Santa clarita valley police station provided. Last year, Mexico’s smugglers of marijuana packaging from Mexico noticed this.
Loser: stubborn
After nearly 90 years of development, the gm (General Motors) by Opel, Opel and Vauxhall (Vauxhall) sold to Peugeot, Peugeot and Citroen (Citroens), a French multinational companies such as PSA group, opened the door of the European business. For the first time in their history, Detroit no longer dominates most of North America’s vehicles. European and Asian car manufacturers have more vehicles in the pipeline, while tesla offers support to the visiting team. Happy ending broken article including ferrari formula 1 first game in the end of the first 1-2 game, a British lung mass, there is nothing he had inhaled as he played ball Playmobil cone birthday – 40 years ago.

Winner: an unexpected turn
IndyCar driver Scott Dixon made an exciting visit to Indianapolis last may. On the weekend before the Indian 500, he took pole position with the fastest qualifying pace in 21 years. Over the next few hours, Dixon and IndyCar alum dario franchiti, in the lead of Taco Bell, robbed them of their carefully adjusted digestive tract. On the following Sunday, Dixon ran off 500 shots in the 53rd lap of 200 laps, perhaps because he practiced using beans to shovel meat in the Cheesy Gordita Crunch.
Loser: pretend
Do you think your SUV is hard? Ford recalled more than 20,000 explorers in Canada last year, but only three areas have unique soil that can be stacked and hardened around the back toe, causing them to bend or break. The f-150 raptor said, “explorer? I don’t know ‘instant messaging. Isn’t that like a Taurus station wagon?
Winner: word game
While dodge corporation turned the Internet cold, the 840-horsepower demon claimed it could run a quarter of a mile in 9.65 seconds, while Texas tuner John Hennessey announced a 1,000-horsepower Camaro ZL1 upgrade. It was also claimed to be in the second quarter of the year. Hennessey calls it the exorcist.
The Get Your Fix car companies, one in Pueblo, Colorado ramshackle machinery factory, the federal bureau of investigation found that not only can you Get oil change of crystal, including heroin and cocaine. The fbi then looked at Higher Calling and Smoke Rocks, a local seminary. The last sentence may not be true.
But indeed, last winter in a snowstorm on the east coast, an adult video website offered free snow removal services to any small business that wanted “free”. But it doesn’t seem to follow that, though no photo shows the promised brand of trucks, but it shouldn’t be surprising that adult entertainment companies fight for fidelity.
Loser: emergence
The navigation application queries the user’s data and quantifies their commitment to the New Year resolution. The average commitment to spend more time at the gym lasted until January 19.
Winner: emergence
Residents of hopman, north of Scotland, were exhausted by the shuttling of assassins in the village, standing by the roadside on the road, and the hairdryer pointed to the oncoming traffic.
Loser: eight minutes of obstacles
North ring nurburgring circuit is a busy year, a new front wheel drive and suvs obstacle to the further below once sacred eight minutes record, production car lap record down twice (if you calculate steam) in China. Honda’s precursor obtained an asterisk, driving record for pre-production Civic Type R will be designed for a rolling rack, cut its sound system and the rear seat, and by morning. The proportion of 8 in the original factory on tire rolling. In eight minutes, the r-type is the asterisk alfa romeo Stelvio quadrielo, which has a 7-point 51.7 ring. Lamborghini won the production car record of the porsche 918 Spyder, which reached 6:50.0 in March with HuracanPerformante, but the 911 GT2 reached 6:47. The porsche won the title in March and September.
The failed dodge Vi snake has no car, but proves it has the most loyal fan base. The ultimate Vi snake has never had a record private motorcade, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in three matches to chase down two ACR. They were at their best at 7:01 before the tires and mechanical problems caused the two cars to fail.
Winner: ignore
After winning the first and second place at daytona’s 24-hour IMSA competition, Cadillac’s dpi-vr prototype team replaced its engine with a new unit. Then they held a contest in the Florida state of seinling. In long beach, California, the americas tour in Austin, Texas; In Detroit, cars are more than 2,800 miles long, with little change in the throttle or filter, which takes 13 hours each. They also won all four games, as well as manufacturers, teams and drivers.


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