Watch a twin-turbo ford GT from zero to nearly 300 miles per hour


How do you get 300 miles of kissing distance? You can tie it to a top fuel dragster, or any medium-sized airplane. Alternatively, you can take this dual-turbocharged ford GT down a mile long. From the moment it stops, it will reach nearly 300.
NCS Designs has just uploaded the M2K Motorsports’ heavily modified ford GT video, which broke the world record for the world record in a one-mile race in Texas on March 26. Ford ran a 5.4-liter V8 engine, but from the outside looked almost a bit of stock, running to the end of the mile, which reached 293.6 miles per hour.
Watch yourself:
The decisive performance of M2K Motorsports beat Johnny Bohmer’s guinness world record, with a similar ford GT ranking of 283.232 miles in the UK in October 2012.
Texas a Mile, the Mile) in Victoria Victoria, Texas Airport (Victoria Regional Airport) runway in a 1.5 Mile long held street racing car, car, motorcycle and land vehicles long distance RACES.
We only have one question: if the GT can under a mile per hour drive 300 miles of doors and then in the popular Ehra – Lessien track the 5.4 miles on the straight, 12 miles cycle where carmakers prove that various variations bugatti veyron’s top speed?


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