The new mercedes-benz s-class may be a better driver than you


Movie: terminator meets fast and furious. Warned us again in the future, Vin Diesel, self-driving car pushed the millennial generation is the new amazon/Whole FoodsExurbs ? part of the plot – 17 years of cheap avocado is a trap, man! – which companies have infiltrated our hero to shut down the autonomous car revolution? Tesla, of course. Absolute Waymo. If there is any sign of the 2018 s-class, add the mercedes-benz list.
In California, hundreds of miles of the Pacific coast highway and the surrounding area, I let the latest generation of the world’s best-selling luxury cars drive themselves – gently on wheels, no pedals. Its updated driving support function allows me to go to the future. Using map data, sophisticated sensors and cameras, the s-class automatically decelerates the curve and turns, unless the sharpest turn is made, other vehicles may fall out. In town, it will slowly turn to the right speed of 90 degrees. You’re just turning around, and while you have this feeling, if you can release the power of the phantom in the machine, it can do that on its own.

Experts say we are about five years away from being able to send us to our grandmother, while we are manically looking at our female handmaid. But according to a recent AAA survey, most of us are afraid of the idea of a complete self-driving car. In order to alleviate the Luddites, between us carmakers are gradually achieve autonomous function, makes us feel like the commute time to recover, but the future impact of buffer from the real driving assistive technology.
New flagship Mercedes could find a parking space, and return to it, use the camera to predict the speed bumps and potholes, so you almost can’t feel, even tilt into curve, so you don’t slip in your seat in the centrifugal force is the old man, a playboy. Like the most acclaimed technological achievements of the 21st century, s-class is good at solving problems we don’t know. Best example: a new “dynamic comfort” feature, six 10-minute shows, adjusting internal lighting, music, climate control and massage seating… Feelings. On the menu: “happy”, “fresh”, “dynamic” and “training” will guide you through the exercises you can do in your seats. Namaste.


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