The new maserati is better dressed than you


Last year, maserati launched the first SUV in its 100-year history, levante. The prototype was tested in the frozen roads of Sweden and in the hot desert of South Africa. It survived in sand, soil, ice and snow. In its first year, it was the company’s top-selling car.
But beautiful? Sure, it’s beautiful, it’s really beautiful, especially in the cabin.
In 2018, there are two new releases, GranLusso and GranSport. These names are not so subtly suggests the design experience, to have more luxury Lusso camel and black color scheme, while the Sport returned to maserati car history, at the same time in the original logo and brake has also carried on the primary color shading as a wider range of rim.
Maserati’s trademark element still exists, assuring the brand’s chief appearance designer Giovanni Ribotta. “We have a strong tradition, a strong cultural tradition,” he said. “We are Italian, we are maserati, we know who we are.
“We are Italian, we are maserati, we know who we are.
According to Elisa Nuzzo, chief designer of colors and materials, they can be defined as three key words: “elegance, movement, function”. Even in the design of the brand’s first SUV. “Sports are not too bold,” she explains. “It’s a fine sport, it’s pure.”
How is this done? Levante hotel provide top indoor facilities, such as the dual zone climate control, keyless access, multiple power socket, cruise control, at the same level in the car seat legroom and most mobile direction of 12 seats, heated you to the bottom of the small holes on the leather, ventilation and cooling for you.

Then there are the special little actors. Maserati works with menswear designer Ermenegildo Zegna, an Italian luxury giant. “We started working together in 2013, before the brand was 100 years old,” Ribotta said. “This is a unique reminder of who we are and where we are going and we take this opportunity to celebrate.
With GranLusso, the Zegna silk is decorated in the car seat, door panel, roof lining, ceiling lights and awning. “We use silk as a vehicle material,” Nuzzo said. “it’s a new kind of silk, not like you wear a suit. “That’s no good.”
In order to enhance the flexibility of the silk, it is more durable to slide into and out of the seat every day, and manually sew the miniature v-shaped fabric of the vertical roll into the center insert. In the door, awning and roof lining, silk knitting is used alternately for the diagonal scroll pattern. Butter soft leather is another luxurious element of interior trim, from the leather-wrapped steering wheel to the decoration of the old world analogue clock in the dashboard.
While maserati allows a full design customization from 13 colors and 26 interior color combinations, the brand still has some heritage recommendations. “Black is everything, Tan is luxury, Red is the sign of movement,” Nuzzo said.
GranLusso and GranSport are now listed in the United States at the maserati Levante. All you need to do is choose which style of luxury is best for you.


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