Ford’s new $450,000 GT is once again a ferrari fool


This is a car for revenge. Quick history: ford was negotiating to buy ferrari in the 1960s, but Italian carmakers rejected the deal. Henry Ford ii was very excited to try to win the le mans 24-hour endurance race, the endurance race that ferrari dominated during the decade. So the original ford GT was created for this purpose, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1968, and brought it home. After that, the company pulled out, and it delivered one of the most memorable in the company’s history,
Although the ford GT in 2005 was an undisguised scanning version of the 1960s racing driver, the current model is almost alien. On the 50th anniversary of le mans victory, this was a group of ebullient teenagers who were filming ferraris in the basement at the end of the day. It won. The cockpit is shaped like a water drop. If you want, the back pods, or buttocks, are connected to the car via a flyover and make Notre Dame jealous. The air even flows through the rear lights.
However, it doesn’t look like a nerdy graduation thesis on aerodynamics. You can sell it as sexual attraction and sell it as cologne. The door has emerged a billionaire, he borrowed the damn rich in silicon valley lars ha NPC (Russ Hanneman), he thought that even in the maserati, standard portal is a loser. But would someone like him buy such a car? The question now is: would he? To purchase one of the 1,000 GT, you must apply; A small number of ford employees are responsible for thousands of applications. If you are likely to drive regularly, rather than put it in the garage, your chances will increase. Las had a shot. They also consider whether you use the car for charitable purposes. Sorry, Russ.
You can sell it as sexual attraction and sell it as cologne.

Inside, I was surprised to find the cup. On this highly developed supercar, they are a strange sign that the supercar has become a brutal, engineering-like brutish. In other words, you’ll find a lot of carbon fiber, but you won’t find a glove box. As a weight mitigation measure, the seat is fastened to the chassis. In order to get enough driving position, the pedal will move to you through the towing of the nylon band. The rear windscreen will seem to separate you from the 647 horsepower engine, from your head. Someone told me it could get warm, so wear light-colored clothes. How to communicate with the car. Cockpit as a sweat lodge. Will I enter a new level?
I hope so. The number is facial melting variety: about 2.8 seconds 0 to 60 miles per hour. The top speed is 216 miles per hour. The average person per square inch is a nihilistic 14. Anyway: those who pay $450,000 will not trade regularly on interstate. The data came from the v-6 EcoBoost engine, which is similar to the engine that powered ford’s proletarian products, such as the f-150, and was equally impressive and profane. Don’t you need at least two cylinders to get into the club supercar? Dance 4 to 8 in VIP? Ford even heard of bottle service?
With one driving force, there is no doubt that the six pockets, with the help of innovative turbochargers, attract the t-rex’s target roar and ability. Did I run a plane on the track? The trend for supercars is to make it easier for them to drive through the computer, allowing their owners to instantly feel senna, the ford GT older, more honest. This is a parsimonious street friendly car. Switching the dial from the sports square steering wheel track mode and the GT descent, the two-inch split second line thunk is like the F1 missile ready to rush out of the maintenance zone. A special one on the road – any loose gravel, you will hear the hum of carbon fiber wheels – it rewards skills. At other times, silicon chips will make you move in the right direction, but GT will let you know that you’ve been popping out of the top too soon. Over time, it gave me a lot of confidence and fear. Addictive. Dangerous. Feel the happiness you get. I’m sweating from a billionaire’s door, a smarter, more experienced driver who wants to do it over and over again.


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