UPS’s biggest tesla half-order


Thanks to the unveiling of tesla, we have seen a lot of manual feeders for electric trucks. JB Hunt and Walmart signed a test of a large rig shortly after the California incident. Anheuser-busch ordered 40, while Sysco chose 50. Before Pepsi registered 100 trucks, the delivery company DHL boarded the ship. Now, as auto news reports, UPS leads orders at 125 Tesla Semis.
The deal was reportedly worth $25 million and $200,000 per truck. This is the price of the most sophisticated version of the Tesla Semi (the basic price of a truck is $150,000). UPS said it would mainly deploy the devices in the United States, and the small fleet would allow delivery of the company to a thorough evaluation of Tesla trucks.
This is far from the alternative driving vehicle that UPS has preferred. The company recently from Daimler delivered the first hula eCanter electric truck, and with the Workhorse, Eaton, electric international, propane education research committee, even the department of energy cooperation, in order to reduce emissions.
While our questions about the Tesla Semi remain in place, its price is competitive, and it is clearly likely to be well suited to the needs of companies that transport short distances. After all, tesla estimates that its Semi will save about $250,000 in fuel and maintain more than a million miles of driving.
Tesla initially said the pre-order price for Tesla Semi was $5,000, but quickly rose to $20,000. The total expected vehicle price of retaining the highest specification of the founders’ series costs $200,000. Looks surprisingly, the company will be so eager to purchase in advance from the truck, many companies (and even YiLong musk) think these company valuation is too high, and has a history of production delays. It may be that they take their carbon footprint seriously and may save for the long term.
It may also be that placing orders is a cheap pr move. Even if they never accept delivery, their early hands are positive and highly visible. We think these customers are sincere, especially UPS has proven their commitment to clean transportation – but the optical system is certainly part of the cost calculation.


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