Toyota offers an electrified version of each car sold by 2025


Toyota is preparing to join the EV party and announce plans to introduce an electric version of each Toyota and Lexus model by 2025. This will help automakers sell more than 5.5 million electric vehicles by 2030, including over one million electric-powered or fuel-cell vehicles a year.
The plan is based on the 2050 Toyota Environmental Challenge announced in October 2015 that its goal is to reduce average carbon dioxide emissions by 90% in 2010. Toyota’s EV strategy will help achieve this goal. Car manufacturers will continue to develop traditional hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and will increase their commitment to plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Toyota Motor said that by 2025, every model sold worldwide under the Toyota or Lexus flag will be available in electric vehicles. By the early 20th century, Toyota will launch more than 10 electric models worldwide. Pure electric products will be the first to launch in the Chinese market, the demand for electric vehicles is booming, and then spread to the United States, Japan and Europe and other markets. The carmaker will also expand its plug-in scope in the early 1920s and will continue to develop further models using the Prius Toyota Hybrid II drive system. Toyota is also considering more powerful and simpler system versions.
Confirming previous reports that Toyota is conducting a feasibility study with the joint prism battery business in Panasonic. While some may ask why Toyota got so long in the battery electric car industry, car makers say it has been busy developing solid-state batteries for its next-generation electric car. Progress in battery technology may give automakers advantages over the next decade.


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