Subaru eventually announced pricing for WRX STI Type RA and BRZ tS


Subaru announced a series of track-focused STIs and BRZs in June. STI will be called Type RA and BRZ will be called tS. Each will have only 500, and we promise pricing will be provided later. So today is later time
If you want a Type RA, Subaru says it will cost you $ 49,855 to deliver. On the other hand, BRZ tS will be 34,355 USD. As a comparison, a basic science and technology innovation cost $ 36,995, including delivery, for a basic BRZ cost of $ 26,315.

So what all the extra money can bring you? If you choose Type RA, you will get a slight horsepower impact with a new cold air intake, high flow exhaust, readjusted ECU and a more powerful piston. Subaru also introduced a revised third gear, carbon fiber roof and wings, the inverted front pole, the Bierstein damper back, steady control backs, the lighter 19 inch BBS wheels with Brembo silver calipers, and the 245 / 35R19 Yokohama Advan Sport tires. Then remove the spare tire to reduce weight, add some red and black cosmetic accents, and put a type RA badge on the trunk. Inside, you’ll find red stitching, a steering wheel wrapped in artificial suede, some red accents, and a numbered plaque. At the same time, the BRZ tS has the same power as the base model but with STI-regulated Sachs dampers and coil springs, V-brackets in the engine compartment, harder chassis, lighter 18-inch wheels and 215 / 40R18 Michelin Pilot sports 4 tires. Subaru also added a manually adjustable carbon fiber rear spoiler and a black body kit to improve aerodynamic performance. Visual changes include some red and black accents, STI covers, instead of fog lights, behind the sign. Interior changes like RA, the red accents are the biggest changes. However, you can get frameless rearview mirrors.

If these changes sound like worth it, look for Type RA and tS at the dealership this spring.


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