Mercedes makes smart move low cost and GLA’s popular cash in suvs


In order to explore new niche in the lucrative SUV market and cash, luxury car makers seem to naturally differentiation and created as porsche cayenne, maserati levante, lamborghini Urus, bentley Bentayga even the upcoming aston Martin DBX large luxury SUV. Meanwhile, Mercedes, BMW and audi started the craze by adding large suvs to their lineup in the late 1990s.
A decade ago, it seemed less natural that these high-end carmakers were taking a different route. That is to say, with smaller, more compact, affordable suvs and frequency dividers to achieve low price diversification. But this is required by the European and Japanese markets, so the carmaker answering the call, in the next few years, every car manufacturers more than one-third of the models meet the needs of cross.
In fact, the market’s shift to suvs is no more prevalent than the 2017 world car awards in New York in April, the first time the three finalists have been suvs.
So it’s not surprising that Mercedes’s response to this demand is GLA. Based on the same platform as class A, class B and CLA, GLA made A very interesting collaboration with nintendo’s Mario brothers in 2014, and entered into the product lineup of mercedes-benz Japan. This marketing approach seems to have been hit, because GLA sold sold more than 5200 cars, 2015 – Class with A, B – Class and sales of CLA, the combination of the brand to A minimum, the highest price models sold more than 21000 vehicles, accounts for about A third of the global sales in Japan.
What is GLA about? Interestingly, this compact crossover looks bigger than A class A, mainly because of its high road ratio. In order to drive the Mercedes SUV into a depressed market and attract different types of customers, GLA must provide fuel-efficient power plants with a degree of luxury and comfort and a reasonable price. In terms of size, the crossover is ideal for narrow Tokyo streets and tight parking Spaces.

And at the same time joined the seven-speed dual clutch gearbox 122 HP 1.6 L turbocharged version, entry-level FWD GLA 180 launch of the product line of 39800 yen, a very reasonable price for Mercedes in Japan. The model I tested was a four-wheel-drive GLA 220 4-matic, with a new 2.0-liter turbocharger, which costs 184 horsepower and costs about 4.5 million yen.
The trick is to keep the market high expectations for the brand image, performance, robustness and soundness of the Mercedes, and the engineering department has done a fantastic job. GLA can generate a lot of power from low to 5000rpm within a range of speed. The smooth, smooth seven-speed double-clutch gearbox in driving mode can speed up the drive. However, the light bounces into the motion mode and pushes a little bit, the change a bit reluctantly, some of the transmission ratios appear strange intervals.
Turn to precision and feel good through the sport steering wheel. It ability is very strong 4 matic four-wheel drive system provides a high level of traction, it absorbs almost all the understeer or understeer, since 2.0 litres of channels will wheel torque to the most needed. The brakes provide a balanced braking force that is as good as the quality of the ride, and you’ll find out anywhere in this category.
It provides a level of luxury and comfort within GLA, which is why this crossover is one of the most sought-after. The controller is simple and chic, the seats are supportive, and the trim is good for the most part, although I don’t sell the quality of the switches that include the steering buttons. GLA can hold up to four adults, although the people behind it won’t spend much time there because of the cramped space.
As standard equipment for all GLA, its functions include active brake assist, reverse camera, traction control, attention assist, fetal pressure warning and adaptive cruise control.
With a starting price of y3.98 million ($35,000) in Japan, the quality is enough to meet the needs of customers, and the GLA is the perfect example of a high-end car maker that can tap into a new niche and succeed. If that means going public, keep them coming.


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